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Annie’s Wedding

A short story by author Sandy Salisbury.

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Annie’s Wedding

Illustration by Gerard Fay.

……Annie looked over at the bed. Her six-year-old, Freddie, was fast asleep, tangled in the patchwork quilt. In the basket next to the bed, baby Katie snuffled. Annie felt a bubble of happiness well up in her heart: her children would have a father again……



(Period: late 1800s)
Annie is about to marry Sam. But as the wedding approaches, she wonders if he’s keeping his past secret from her.


Annie: as before, see ref.
Sam: as before, see ref.


We see Annie in a Wild West foreground, looking thoughtful. In the background is Sam, holding a horse – signifying he’s about to leave town. If poss., can we show some American wildflowers in the scene, too – see bottom of page 2 for names? And showing a telegram, or at least the heading of one, would work, too.
Season: Any.
Mood: Quiet reflection/mystery.

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