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Calennig Magic

A short story by author Pamela Kavanagh.

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Calennig Magic

Illustration by Gerard Fay.

……Looking back, I still have to wonder about what happened on that far-off  first day in January. Were there really special powers at work, or was it all due to chance; a sequence of events that would have taken place anyway?……



South West Wales, January 1900. Twelve-year-old Bethan knows that big brother Aled is sweet on Mair but he can’t afford to make her any promises, besides which their families are at loggerheads. She enlists the help of little brother Davy to work some traditional apple magic.


Bethan and Davy are head to head conspirators over an apple decorated as described in the text: an apple studded with cloves and sprigs of evergreen, propped on a wobbly tripod of hedgerow twigs.

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