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Close Encounters

A Short Story by Author Keith Havers.

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Close Encounters

Illustration by Gerard Fay.

……The girl returned to the living room where black and white images flickered on the TV. Work or not she couldn’t understand how anyone could sleep while the drama was unfolding thousands of miles away. To think that two brave men were now preparing to step out onto a bleak, virtually airless terrain was mind blowing……


This story circulates around the Moon Landing in 1969. ‘O’Level student, Katie; new mum Sharon; old pub regular Ned; local PC Jones on the look-out for troublemakers…all their worlds come together.


This will be a montage image. The main part will be the rather fuzzy black and white images of Neil Armstrong on the Moon and a vista view of the town with the Moon prominent and lights on in some of the houses. At the edge of the image we can see part of the police car that PC Jones has parked.

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