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Rising Star

A short story by author Alison Carter.

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Rising Star

Illustration by Gerard Fay.

……It was 1956 and Effie had been at Horizon Studios only a year, but already felt she’d found her future. Her official job title was ‘production administrator’ but she was really a fixer, and had discovered that she possessed all the skills required. Horizon was making its name in comedy, but its longer-term goal was to equal Hollywood with home-grown smash-hit musical comedies to rival Singin’ In The Rain……



Set in 1956, Effie is a Production Administrator in a small film studio. She is tasked with
finding the next new talent in a musical comedy.


Effie: early 20s, smart casual look.
Dan: early 20s, blond hair, country farmer look.


Montage showing the characters together along with a small film set and countryside
farm background. Creativity welcome.
Season: Any
Mood: Fun

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