Soft Red Winter



Magazine Artwork

The People’s Friend short story Illustration.

Hi-resolution downloadable file.


A magazine artwork for The People’s Friend, by artist Gerard Fay

Illustrating a short story by the writer Julie Blaho.


Plot: (Family/Italy) Ottavio loves tradition and his little home in rural Italy. He likes the customs and way of life. His daughter is determined that he moves to the city with her as she feels he can’t cope.
Theme: Family
Mood: Warm
Season: General, nice weather

Characters description (inc. Ethnicity if relevant):

Ottavio: is in his late 70s and wears pressed trousers and a white shirt. He is wearing a straw hat and has blue eyes and a white beard. He wears glasses.

Viola: his daughter. Feisty, wearing a dress and has her dark hair pulled back into a ponytail.

Logan: his grandson is around 7 or 8. Blue eyes and dark curly hair.

Scene to illustrate:

This will be a montage. We have Ottavio holding kernels of wheat in his hand showing Logan. The background is the piazza with the old stone school building. The other part of the montage is a long table filled with happy families of all ages and there is an abundance of food and red wine on the long table. There are wheat fields and sunshine! Viola can be positioned somewhere, perhaps looking on that the lovely moment between Ottavio and Logan.

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