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Still Life

A short story by author Alison Carter.

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Still Life

Illustration by Gerard Fay.

…..Natasha Cummings knew she had the talent. She hoped it wasn’t arrogance that made her believe it; it was just confidence that with her paintbrushes and her canvas she could bring things alive. She didn’t know what else to do for a living because making art was what she thought about when she woke in the morning.…..



(Period: early 1990s) Natasha has a talent for art, and when she paints an old pair of wellington boots, that talent
takes her on the road to fame.


Early 90s look/clothes.

Natasha: early 20s, art student look, colourful.
Carla: early 20s, up-and-coming actress, lacks humility, designer blouse and jeans.


Montage showing the women in different poses. Maybe have Natasha painting, while Carla looks like she’s commanding the camera. Blending into these scenes we have a pair of colourful, worn wellington boots – there’s a good description of them on page 4 & 5. Creativity welcome in bringing the separate scenes together.

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