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The Butler’s Pantry

A short story by author Joanne Duncan.

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The Butler’s Pantry

Illustration by Gerard Fay.

……After a swift glance behind her, Connie moved her chair a little closer. The cafe was practically deserted but you could never keep a secret for long in a village like Little Dutton. “How do you fancy spending a few days at a stately home?” she whispered. “One where a murder took place two days ago? A murder I’ve been asked to investigate by a girl I used to be at school with?” That made me sit up all right. We were both detective story fans and had got ourselves involved in a real-life whodunnit not so long ago.…..



When the butler is found dead in his bed, everyone assumes natural causes. But he’s been done in!


It’s the 1930s. Our character Connie Trevelyan has appeared previously, in June 16, 2018 issue (The Mystery of Celandine Cottage). Connie alighting from a 1930s steam train. She’s just arrived at York railway station. She’s wearing 1930s attire including a cloche hat, and is accompanied by her friend Marie, who is dressed as a lady’s maid and is carrying the luggage.
Mood: 1930s murder-mystery-mode!

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