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The Manson Flat Mystery

A short story by author Joanne Duncan.

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The Manson Flat Mystery

Illustration by Gerard Fay.

……“I don’t suppose Mrs. Digby-Winterton is thinking of going away any time soon, is she?” whispered Connie Trevelyan as we browsed the crime section of Market Dutton’s public library on my afternoon off. “I might have another detecting job for us.”……



Philippa Frobisher fears her husband is trying to ‘do her in’!


Featuring Marie, a repeat character from ‘The Mystery of Celandine Cottage’ and ‘The Butler’s Pantry’. Mid 1930s. Marie walking along Chelsea embankment in London, with Tinkerbell, a miniature poodle. It’s dusk.

Marie, dressed in mid-price fashions of the mid 1930s, is looking upwards towards a window of Belvedere Mansions, luxury flats, where we are vaguely aware that a lady’s back is pressed against a window, with her husband’s hands round her neck (perhaps we can just see that something shadowy is going on – nothing obvious). Marie looks shocked.

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