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Back Where They Belong

A short story by author Teresa Ashby.

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Back Where They Belong

Illustration by Gerard Fay.

……As she approached the jetty, she spotted a huddled figure and waved. The girl waved back and stood up on spindly legs. She wore tatty grey trainers, skinny black jeans and a blue hoodie……



Volunteer, Jess, is alerted to a seal pup stranded on the beach, and meets 17-year-old
Abby, who has guarded the seal until Jess’s arrival. They both have family heartache to resolve.


Jess and Abby


We are on a slightly windswept beach and Jess (in her 30s) is speaking to Abby (who
is actually only 14, not 17). They are speaking to each other and we can see the rolling
sea in the background. Abby has long hair which is being blown in the wind. It’s a
gentle scene with a dramatic bright sky. I don’t think we should include the injured
seal. That would be too much! THEME: Thoughtful – MOOD: Deep

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