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The Ferryman’s Daughter

A short story by author Alyson Hilbourne.

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The Ferrymans Daughter

Illustrated by Gerard Fay.

……She rises from her bed, slips her feet into the clogs and fastens her skirts over her shift. She doesn’t care about the storm. She has nothing left to worry about. Both her father and her best friend have betrayed her……


(Period: late 1600s)


(Period: late 1600s) Susannah is hoping to take over her father’s ferryboat service – but the
arrival of a stranger casts doubt on her plans.


We see the couple together with a river cottage b/g. Further in the distance is
the river itself, and there is a man rowing a clinker-built skiff. Storms are mentioned in
the story, so feel free to add atmospheric conditions to the scene. Happy to go
montage if it suits.
Theme: Looking to the future
Mood: Atmospheric
Season: Any bar winter


Susannah: mid 20s colourful dress.
Pierre: mid 20s, dark hair, goatee beard, black jerkin & white shirt.

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