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The Right Move

A short story by author Katie Ashmore.

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The Right Move

Illustration by Gerard Fay.

……It was a bright spring morning. Elsie wore a skirt, white blouse and pale lemon cardigan. Sandra walked beside her in her pinafore dress and ankle socks, clutching Elsie’s hand. They turned down Albert Street, which was still a bomb site, piles of rubble and chunks of brick heaped up here and there and a home split open like a doll’s house, the remains of a sitting room and bedroom still visible to passers-by……



We’re in England, mid 1950s. Elsie and Leonard have moved their little family to the town, but daughter Sandra misses the country.


A busy street. Mum Elsie (mid 30s) and daughter Sandra (aged nine or 10) are walking down a street, which still clearly has some bomb damage. Elsie wears a skirt, white blouse, and pale lemon cardigan. Sandra wears a pinafore dress and ankle socks and holds Elsie’s hand. We can see a rag and bone man, with horse and cart, approaching.
Sandra looks alarmed.

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