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The Toll Gate

A short story by author Alison Carter.

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The Toll gate

Illustration by Gerard Fay.

……She knew the sound of Jude Durham’s cartwheels, heavy on the road. Each vehicle had a sound of its own, from the light sharpness of a gentleman’s buggy to the slow rumble of a farm cart. Martha Briggs strolled out into the street just as Jude’s cart approached. “Spring’s coming,” she called out, and she lifted the long latch of the toll gate……



(Period: 1874)
Martha operates a toll gate and falls in love with carter Jude amid uncertain times for her trade.


Martha: mid-20s, colourful dress.
Jude: mid-20s, operates a pony and cart, working attire.


We see Martha and Jude beside the toll gate – see enclosed ref for general idea. If poss., it
would be good to show a pony and cart, too – the latter laden with the likes of bricks, sack
or tiles.
Season: November 5.
Mood: Gentle romance.

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