Magazine Illustration

The People’s Friend short story artwork.


Plot: It’s 1913, and Winifred and George’s marriage has been blighted by his gambling and recklessness. When an opportunity to redress the balance arises, Winifred grabs it with both hands.
Theme: Intrigue
Mood: Mysterious
Season: N/A

Characters description (inc. Ethnicity if relevant): Winifred (mid 20s) and Maria (around 18). Winifred is the lady of the house and Maria is the one remaining maid.

Scene to illustrate:

Winnifred and Maria re in the kitchen. Winnifred is wearing a white linen apron and looks ready for anything. Maria is looking a little shy and id glancing up at Winnifred. On the table we can see eggs, a bowl, some old fly paper, spoons etc. The kitchen is of its time.

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